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Kyo Hyd Ecaflip Lvl 5 Remington

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Ever since the last update i think haven worlds send me to another realm causing my game to crash, it's not my device because 1) my PC is strong enough to handle over 100 tabs of wakfu and still not lag 2) it happens on all machines i try it on, from desktop to laptop.

Teleporting to it with a recall potion doesnt work, /suicide neither and the normal entrance doesn't work either... it unloads all the visible wakfu interfaces and transports me to the middle of a black hole, which is the last thing...
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First of all, Wakfu staff, sorry to post it here... but to be fair, nobody ever looks at the community event tab.
i don't want to start a community event, don't got the time to plan it all... BUT

if ANYBODY on the remington server wants to start a community event but is struggling to get prize money together, or any form of reward, DO NOT STRESS
I am offering the chance to ANYONE to make a community event, write me an ankamail box letter with the pitch of the event, reply on this...