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World Wide Handsome Pandawa Lvl 137 Nox
Daddy Yes Masqueraider Lvl 69 Nox
Xples Rogue Lvl 40 Remington
Mountainspeak Sram Lvl 26 Nox
World-Wide-Cutie Cra Lvl 1 Nox

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By HISISTERS - 2019-07-22 20:19:38 in New Bugs
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Hello everyone I'm having a strange problem with my wakfu. whenever I put in my username and password and log in it just stays at the white screen saying "connecting" 

I've tried to repair it that didn't work and I also restarted my computer and tried it again and the same thing.

does anyone have the same problem as well. Please if any can help me please comment..
By HISISTERS - 2019-04-20 17:03:32 in Pandawa
3 4138
Alright, so basically I'm a panda player and I'm looking for a support build and a Tank build. The only things I need to finish these 2 are the Characteristics for the builds. If you have what points to put in for these please share it below thanks! ^-^