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In the portuguese translation the Zorine card's effects reads: +1 AT and First Strike if you're outnumbered (+1AT e Iniciativa quando em desvantagem numérica)
But the card keep gaining AT when other things happen, raising a lot it's AT, so i wonder if it's a bug, mistranslation, or not properly explained. 
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So, i opened the launcher and weirdly enough the game was uninstalled, no prob, tried to install, can't... no prob, uninstall and redownload the launcher, install the game again, done. Game opens, title screen appears, game closes... Can't open game again... try to repair on the launcher, it does, play button substituted for repair button, can't play...

What the hell is happening?
By HChevalier - 2019-06-04 23:21:09 in General Discussion
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Was just playing a random match as Enutrof and suddenly got 300 kamas when grabbing the loot and was wondering.
What the hell was that? Was that a one time thing?
Didnt have anything new on collection so came here to ask