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Member since 2009-01-05


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Last login: 2012-02-29


Gunnersnake Osamodas Lvl 8 Remington
Dora The Explorer Enutrof Lvl 1 Remington
Alodia Iop Lvl 1 Remington
Wood Sadida Lvl 1 Remington
Blackheart Sram Lvl 1 Remington

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Tired of changing class whenever your class gets nerfed?
Getting bored of your current class, but do not want to class change or level a new class?
Here is the answer to your problem.

Dual Class System
In this new system, each class will be able to change class into their 2nd (or 3rd class) anytime, anywhere outside combat.

Each character will have 2-3 class tab where we can customize their stats, gears and spells independently. 

12 Gods Dual Class System
This will require the addition of a...
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From Dofus Forum
In this new system, a new SUPER meter bar is charged and when full (100%) can be used to unleash a powerful spell. The Super Meter bar can be charged up to 300% (3 use).

Super spells can be cast when Super meter is full. Uses 1 Super meter.
Desperation spells are spells that can only be cast when HP is less than 10%.
Final spells can only be used when HP is less than 10% and uses 1 Super meter...