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Grey-Haka Ecaflip Lvl 43 Phaeris
Grey-Holly Cra Lvl 12 Phaeris
Greyhakalord Iop Lvl 7 Remington
Grey-Shinobi Masqueraider Lvl 6 Phaeris
Khopest Sacrier Lvl 3 Phaeris
Irovenal Xelor Lvl 2 Phaeris

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Does anyone have or make Ample Trapper Boxes?

I'm willing to pay up to 10,000 kamas for 1 box.

Reply below with where you want to make the trade.
By GreyHakaLord5 - 2017-04-17 08:12:15 in Guilds
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Hello everyone!

I've recently created a new guild for beginner and advanced players.
The name, if you couldn't tell, is Chateau De Kings.

The guild is Sufokia oriented, but we welcome anyone from any nation.
As of right now the guild is 2 people strong and is only level 1.

If you would like to join please reply to this forum and I'll get back to you with more details.
Please include in your message the following basic details:
1) In-game Name
2) Nation of choice (If you don't have one please state...