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By Greeeeeen - 2012-08-09 04:21:08 in Problems and solutions
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No one ive spoken to on Solar has seen or capped piwildie in weeks now and has been non existant in markets for a LONG time now with the only one there at 8mk compared to the much much cheaper prices of every other piwi arch.

Ive heard talk that the spawn is bugged and ive seen a handful of screenshots recently on IV of other piwi arches that were spawning in alignment houses that few if anyone on Solar playing has access to. various people have been posting in trade for weeks now offering as much...
By Greeeeeen - 2012-06-09 10:59:39 in Markets of Solar
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Got lucky the other night and landed AP exomages on 2 seperate CB boots in 5 runes and im selling a pair.

stats are :

273 vital
30 intelligence
27 chance
23 agility
22% power
3 crits
1 summon
4 fire damage
12 water damage
4 air damage
+3 MP removal
+350 initiative
+1 MP

Designed with my chance sadi in mind but works well for an enu as well.

pm me offers through my Sadi "Hot-Sauced" in game. taking kamas or various trades for other exo mages or dofuses.