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So I recently decided to ditch my main account and start fresh as F2P on a different account.

I have noticed some things which probably scare away new players who don't know what is going on...

First is that without the use of /r and /b it is almost impossible to find someone to group up with, even on incarnam starting out. Incarnam is just cra bots running through and you can't even find someone to talk to let alone group with..

The "instanced" incarnam needs to be thrown out.. there aren't...
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So I have ditched my old main account and am starting new on my level 20 sadida that is a level 100 miner F2P. Im going to farm piwis in astrub and sell feathers/seeds until I can get the 180kk to subscribe. If there are any other f2p players or anything that want to level on piwis with me add me in game!

My name is "Cobaltard" I am on Rushu
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I got an email saying I could get 3 days of P2P for al halowin, but when you follow the link it just brings you to the main website... there is no mention of how to activate it at all...

Or do you just get 3 days "free" when you buy a month...? That would be stupid.

Izmar or someone help! I want to play again  

help izmar somebody. HALP