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Grankoon Mandis Ecaflip Lvl 54 Rubilax
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So back when I started playing the beta for Wakfu way back in the day, the interest in the political system was even more robust than it is today! My guild and I even tried to put only us in power in every country before becoming the reigning Bonta government for literal years. It was always fun being able to put on events and make things happen in the different countries for the community to participate in! Let's bring the interest in the political system back, and let's really have some fun! If...
By Grankoon - 2021-05-15 00:02:29 in Guilds
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How's it going! I'm a low ranking member of my guild, but we have a lot of fun and are always trying to recruit! Dawnguard is currently trying to expand, our english speaking community of fun folk love level and raiding. We might just be a good fit for you! If you have and questions, add me on the launcher and hit me up! I play pretty frequently and would love to get some more people out here with me for when the rest of the guild isn't around!