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Finikksu|2017-06-27 19:04:45Idea. Maybe I'm being greedy but idea.

If people complete 2 of the dungeons they get a gift (an extra box maybe)
If they complete 4 they get the sword bandit
and If they complete all 6 they get the archer bandit.

Or something like it.
I like the sound of this! Or even put the bandit incarnations in their own mystery box, with equal drop chance(?) and a super rare chance at the full set.
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chaoman|2017-06-27 01:19:00I don't understand the forbidding part.

I'd like to play an Eca/Osa/Enu format but what if we are team B and they immediately 'ban' Enu and on second picking ban Sadida or Eca/Osa. Our team comp will be dead in the water. Because you're free to change class and regear as much as you like on the tournament server, the expectation is that the best teams will be comprised of players who are proficient with multiple classes, and therefore flexible with the composition of their...
By [lichen] - 2017-03-21 16:00:00 in General Discussion
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dragonfablie|2017-03-29 08:30:44Axcel0|2017-03-29 07:58:50I'm not sure if any one has asked this as of yet but i wonder if we will be able to ap and mp mage our shields yup its possible, seen alot of shield with ap or mp in the beta, but ofc you have to sacrifice all stats Would anyone be willing to explain the mechanics of shieldmaging? I'm not a great magus in any right, and I'm not sure how the negative stats (and limited stats?) will affect overmaging/exomaging the shields. Or if someone could...