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Burghandi Huppermage Lvl 134 Nox
Gorghandi Eniripsa Lvl 131 Nox
Kamaghandi Enutrof Lvl 127 Nox
Robghandi Sadida Lvl 112 Nox
Draghandi Osamodas Lvl 64 Nox

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a good bit of info has come out with the enu revamp plan. have heard of what is expected. i just want to ask one simple question; since we the players can already tell.

Can we petition, for you to just not revamp it.?  please. 
By GorGhandi - 2017-09-30 21:41:47 in Huppermage
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i play an aoe, resonance mage. my initial combo was only butterflies to position, then resonance to burst a group. with only light spell i used was mirage for additional mob creation. and sometimes glistening tears for that random I'm at max QB lets burn it effect. but recently i have added glistening halo to my set up and added disk to acquire that third rune for the full effect. my new combo works really well. i run it on 11 ap. the halo sais it removes runes after it pops. so i thought with my...
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after 5 long years of playing on and sometimes off. having 8 eni from lvls 80-130, 2 enu zerkers, 1 mage, 1 sadida and 3 dragons. now i know i am not the most lvld player, as i am mostly a gatherer/crafter rper  kind of player more than i am a hunter dungeoneer. I'm also big on politics, i run a pretty successful guild. and run for office when i can in amakna. i have come up with a list of things mostly minor that i think could improve the game.

1. haven buildings absolutely need a rotate option....