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over the last 4-5 days i have been in around 4 pet sanctuary groups and none of them won - this was due to team members breaking strategy or disconnecting etc.
when it comes down to it though a team of 7 struggles in the last room...4 pandas and 3 bow meows can't do it...
before when you were your pets ghost you could run it in 15 minutes with 3 gobtubbys now it take around 40 just to lose...
at the very least make the last room easier :/
the majority of the people i talk to say the new dungeon...
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was unsure if this would class as a game development or not but hey,
my dofus is set to the UK language and the UK keyboard - but when you zoom in its all normal except the button to zoom out again is in what i can only assume is french, just thought id say, its not even a problem
move this post if its in the wrong place please.