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Hey guys, I'm a lvl 181 strength iop.

I want to buy a wisdom set maybe 500+ or even 600+ wisdom with some decent damage. I already have the Ougaat, and was wondering if I should get the Obsi set (they have some nice wisdom pieces)

Thanks in advance

By GoodMarkGuy - 2014-08-27 18:14:44 in Iop
2 1239
Hey, I'm a lvl 178 iop, and I have a few questions for an end-game set. I know that there are a lot of threads that are already asked this, but I wanted a up to date guide (I am not familiar with all the new frigost 3 equips).

I am not close to buying an end-game set right now, but I just want to hear about the potential available sets.

So things I'm looking for:

Vitality: 4000 maybe?

Strength: around 1000 would be best

12ap 5mp

Also, I'm getting bored of the strength spells, so I was also...
By GoodMarkGuy - 2014-08-22 17:37:51 in Iop
6 1817
So I got an ap/mp gelano, so right now I am 10ap 6mp.

I was wondering if 11ap 5mp, or 10ap 6mp is better for kolo. There are some nice combo's that I can do with 11 ap, while that 1 extra mp could be really useful.

I also do PvM so, I need your insight for that too.

Thanks in advance!