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At the very end of this quest, there is a quest fight where you have to repair turrets to kill the monsters that the fight spawns. The problem is, the fight spawns eight full powered enemies, you are not allowed another character in the fight with you, the turrets seem to break randomly, the only way to repair the turrets is to end next to the bag of tools spawned in the fight, and then the next turn end next to the broken turret, this will then fix it.
For whatever reason, the Spookoth's, a monster...
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I have finished this quest Four times, two of them have been the same dungeon. The requirements on completing the questline is "Finish the quest three times", and it claims I have only finished it twice. What is up with this? Anyone else getting this bug? I would like to complete my Kwismas Star's quest. :x
By Goldenia - 2014-10-30 18:57:47 in Rushu
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So right in the middle of a Soul with a buddy, the server shuts down and it shows up as "Unknown Status" on the server select screen. Is the server getting DDOS'ed? And with it being late in France are we going to get the server back today or are we going to have to wait until tomorrow when everyone gets into the office?