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Elliva Sram Lvl 167 Rubilax
Goldenclockwork Osamodas Lvl 165 Rubilax
Rirachi Cra Lvl 161 Rubilax
Fruits Eniripsa Lvl 155 Rubilax
Stasinite Foggernaut Lvl 96 Rubilax
Ansethrex Masqueraider Lvl 9 Pandora
Shadow Of The Daft Rogue Lvl 9 Pandora
Molten Stasis Foggernaut Lvl 5 Pandora
Owlite'S Cat Ecaflip Lvl 5 Pandora

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By GoldenBane - 2014-07-10 03:50:21 in Fan Fiction
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(pre-fight); Varuru held his breath as he crept closer and closer to Gobbsage. He had to kill her, it's what the client wanted and it's what he would do. He got his executioner's mace ready, before he could even swing though, Gobbsage looked behind her and muttered. "You should be more quiet when you're trying to eliminate someone". They both knew why Varuru was here, they both knew who had sent him, neither of them could let the other live. This had to be setteled, right here, right now.

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(pre-fight); Monte meandered out of the Tormented pit, clothes torn to shreds and soul ravaged. Step by step he limped out of the pit, Monte knew this would happen sooner or later, he had taken the risk to wear multiple peice of tomented gear and now he was paying the price for it. He could feel his hatred taking over his emotions, his very existance was being enveloped in his torment. Xephyre walked twords the pit, he was actually in search of the power monte had, the torment. Xephyre wanted it,...
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(Pre-fight); Daft was laying down in the dirty tunnels of wabbit island, as happy as can be, he had finally hit 140! Daft sat up and looked around,he saw a shadowy figure approaching him. With glowing white eyes and, a mask. He instantly knew who it was. He ALSO knew he coudn't take this masq right now,he was at half of his health and could barely stand. He quickly fumbled for his scriptures teleportation book. The shadowy mask kicked the book out of his hands, then grabbed Daft by his chest pipe....