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By GoldDiggerII - 2020-05-26 10:48:45 in Suggestion Box
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Paralyzing trap > Agonizing Trap
-4MP  > Triggered on MP (Each use not end of turn) -1MP + Base 3 Damage(Per MP)

Ie use 1 MP : triggers: -1mp base 3 damage
    use 5 MP : triggers: -1mp base 15 damage

Using mp 1 at a time, makes you take less damage but more mp reduction.
Using mp in a Lump saves you from mp reduction but more damage.

Increase to Base damage of Trap of Silence.
12AP/6MP is Max base stats.
Panda MP poison is Base 10(12crit)   6:10
Sram AP poison is Base 3(no crit)    ...
By GoldDiggerII - 2019-07-26 02:48:48 in Items
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By GoldDiggerII - 2018-11-27 11:45:25 in Professions
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Is there any chance that Lumberjacks can get some higher slot crafts..?
Lumberjack is the only profession that maxes out at 4 slot crafts, making leveling much harder than even miner...

Even just some higher slot wood shaving potions