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Jankenpon Eliotrope Lvl 157 Rubilax
Rochambeau Iop Lvl 148 Rubilax
Roshambo Sacrier Lvl 143 Rubilax
Lizard-Spock Enutrof Lvl 143 Rubilax
Shi-Fu-Mi Sadida Lvl 142 Rubilax
Molla Volpese Xelor Lvl 136 Rubilax
Mifuchi Ecaflip Lvl 132 Rubilax
Shoushiling Foggernaut Lvl 131 Rubilax
REM-Roshambo Sacrier Lvl 7 Rubilax
Lick My Balls Osamodas Lvl 3 Pandora
Roshambo Iop Lvl 2 Pandora

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I am no longer able to click the pinned note to mark a section as read. This has been going on for a week or two. I have tried this under Mac/Chrome and Windows 10/Edge.
10 3444
Does anyone have the steam overlay working on Mac OS X? Specifically on El Capitan? Not a game ender as I can simply log in directly rather than use Steam but I expect the feature to work and I simply cannot get it to do so. This makes it so I am unable to access the store in game.

Suggestions or confirmation that it is broken appreciated.