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To remove the Royal MastoGob Kings sheilds the kind needed to be pushed without causing push damage ( knockback damage ).
in the past the SRAMs fear spell was perfect for this boss, as it allowed pushing without damaging the boss while at the same time saving a little AP.
Since the last update the mastogob boss no longer enters vuntrable state when pushed by a srams fear spell.
in fact this last update has seem many bugs then any previous updates, such as 5 players taking there turns at the same...
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Firstly i know this post will get negative attention from soul sellers >:

Its no big news that finding a dungeon group using the team search facility is difficult at best, the main reasons for this is due to the whole soul capture system.
Soul stones are currency in dofus with some souls fetching up to 5, 000,000 kamas and more, for this reason players soul capture and sell these soul stones.
Players would rather not join a random (team search ) group, because one of player will soul capture...