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Ecaflip Lvl 163 Ilyzaelle
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For those that do not know, you can click your character, select "Slap" and your character will then release a battle cry of "Aie !".

This has been a staple in Dofus for as long as I can remember, and it is used to show your team that you are ready to fight!

Update 2.48 has removed this battle cry and replaced it with "Ow !"

11 years ago we faced a similar problem, where our glorious battle cry was replaced with "Ouch !"

Ankama, can we...
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Long time player, on and off, like most.

Been quiet a long time, and it seems a lot of tools have been created along side Dofus to help with set building and treasure hunting.

However, the biggest problem that plagues Dofus, and for me the reason I can never play too long without just getting frustrated.

What does that spell do?
What just happened?
Why did I just get hit?


Information on monster behaviour or spell effects is close to none, even the site only features the...
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When will the obvious class biased be sorted in the Frigost 3 dungeons. We have had the previous set of dungeons balanced and then super nerfed to allow for people to continue in the content. Will there be a balance to allow other class combinations to finish the dungeons?

I want to do all the content, and I want it to be hard, but not impossible because I don't play "meta" characters such as Iops, Enis and Srams.

There have been many steps in the past to allow for any well geared set of classes...