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After you talked to him and told him you are out of shape, you are supposed to go outside the temple and run straight up to -4 -30 to find him again, he is waiting there near the middle of the map.
You have 3 minutes to do it, if you take more you have to talk to him again in the temple to reset it.

If you are chased and harassed by Lag the lvl 2000 Prespic you should fool it by:
Set it to show only creature mode in options.(if everyone looks like doodles it has a harder time targeting you)
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I can't see a reason why, the XP to make it "rewarding enough" for higher level people I can see, but the Almokens?
The Almokens buys things like Emotes and stuff that should be no detriment to the ever so important PvP balance.

The thing is I see these lvl 60-ish or even lower people struggle to get the offerings and they use a lot more time
and effort to either killing things or struggle to earn enough to buy items, yet they gain much less for their effort.

The XP bonus is okay, to make it a...
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Time to solve those puzzles people ^^