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By GizmoXon - 2019-02-08 06:47:39 in General Discussion
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The hasnt been a update in months two in game seasons with no info just silence I'm past the point of concern I flat out scared please some one answer 

I love this game it's the only game that isn't commercials almost every move or pay to win just anyone respond maybe some dev will notice
By GizmoXon - 2019-01-10 05:57:48 in Bugs and troubles on mobile
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I don't get kamas for winning and can't complete quests it just skips it after win pops up
By GizmoXon - 2019-01-10 05:26:34 in Your Decks
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I can't get kamas or complete quests I win and it skipes the piggy bank help please

Sorry had it on training and didn't know I was freaking out that krosmaga was dead