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Verrier Sacrier Lvl 217 Rubilax
Zellena Feca Lvl 213 Rubilax
Velurtear Huppermage Lvl 212 Rubilax
Giruv Xelor Lvl 96 Rubilax
Oldman Gramp Enutrof Lvl 95 Rubilax
Lunarra Osamodas Lvl 95 Rubilax
Yorick Earthenvein Sadida Lvl 83 Rubilax
Maieve Rogue Lvl 80 Rubilax
Schnapps Pandawa Lvl 80 Rubilax
Zevver Iop Lvl 62 Rubilax

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for it's a race to kill x monsters. Usually there are 2 groups of enemy. If 1 of the group is already killed. When I finish killing the 2nd group the quest immediately fail itself and I got no reward even though I still have a lot of time left. This happen to me multiple time and different area, so I believe it's not a quest specific issue.
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Every time the game is updated I lost my hotkey setting and since I modified it pretty heavily, remapping it become an annoying chore after each update went live. How come the game can save every other setting, but not the hotkey.

Is there a way to save the hotkeys? like may a file that can be copied and saved on separate folder, and then added back to the game folder after an update or reinstall is done