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Member since 2011-06-25


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Last login: 2019-08-22


Cra Lvl Omega 168 Echo
Ecaflip Lvl 152 Echo
Me Myself and I
Sadida Lvl 106 Echo
Feca Lvl 34 Echo
Ecaflip Lvl 32 Ilyzaelle
Xelor Lvl 29 Temporis III

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I play every day, and I have team of 8 characters. When I launch 8 windows with UpLauncher I run into a problem that makes some windows freeze at "red" 0% and  I have to open 1-3 windows that are frozen again (this happens a lot). Also there is another problem when I log multiple accounts and then when loading at 50% it flashes, and I get error message that I've lost connection. This is very annoying, could you please fix or if somebody has solution for this?
I've also asked my friends and...
By Giorgi-Giorgi-123 - 2018-04-18 14:41:46 in Suggestion Box
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Hello. Will move to ideas straight.

1. Option to mark areas on map.
While searching for Archmonster, wanted monster or whatever, you need to keep looking in the same area. Surely I can hover my mouse to the minimap and it will display area borders, but doing that every time is annoying. Also while moving to the next map it shows with blue arrow that it's different area, but yet not so helpful. Would be cool to see the option that would allow display area borders on the map and minimap, either current...
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Hello, while playing I noticed the lack of these features. Ran into these problems a few times.

1. Transfer visible items function in maging interface.
When you ask some magus to mage for you - you happen to have a lot of runes and putting all of them takes really a lot of time and is boring, also choosing the ones you need is another waste of time. Would be cool to have function to "transfer all items" kind of function like we have on chests and dragoturkey inventory. Or maybe just transfer runes...