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Just a question, though I don't see anywhere currently that could resolve it.
Some of my "friends" from the game got Sanctioned/Banned, I am aware of what they did.

One of the players, owns a guild, and that account is now banned. So the question is, will that guild remain to have a banned leader?, since I assume the leader is on a definitive ban, since the last time we had a group conversation, the topic of discussion was about using bots, and phishing websites. Supposely from the 1.25 or was it...
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Hey, people. After reading from Wikia and other guide sites, there is still a question un-answered, and I hope there are someone here that can help me out.
You see, we already have the XP table for Bandits, and there isnt a Exp bar for the bandits, and what we wear apart from the weapon affect our in-combat damage and stats, and all the spells are different, our class sort of covers up with a new bandit form..but 1 thing remains a mystery to me. Say, I am a Pandawa class as a ordinary character,...