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Argentos Feca Lvl 200 Rubilax
Letana Masqueraider Lvl 200 Rubilax
Gimonfu Cra Lvl 200 Rubilax
Armus Iop Lvl 196 Rubilax
Aeternos Xelor Lvl 195 Rubilax

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The Godron pets can be acquired via the mobile game "Dofus Pets" and then transfered to Dofus or Wakfu. It does take a while to raise them though.
By BloodAspect - 2020-08-13 02:44:19 in General Discussions
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General Idea: adjust character strength to not overshadow lower level players you play with to have a more "equal" game experience, if desired ------- Good

Excecution: just horrible 
- the automated pages are simply inadequat (healing mastery on a Feca????)
- getting a decent equipment page together takes more time then passing through some of those level brackets (among other things, due to the latest crafting iteration)
- the lower UB might become "too" easy for high level players, but Steelbeak...
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I assume you are already set on one of those names???
Cause i would certainly prefer a name more in the direction of "Zinit" or "World of Twelve", Though i am not fluent enough in Wakfu lore to come up with more of those kinda names.