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The coordinates for the quests related to the Key Master are wrong in the quest book. This was probably missed with the Cania changes.
For example, in Trip Around the World

Coords given by questbook.
Quests Talk to The Key Master (-6,-40) [-6,-40]

Actual location of the Key Master
The Key Master [-6,-37]

Not sure if this is just one quest, or the entire chain. I will keep this thread posted.

Edit: Nope, the others are also wrong
By Giga-Biga-Bowser - 2016-04-07 21:59:47 in Huppermage
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As some of you may or may not know there are some changes to Huppers on the Beta server. These changes are purposed with making the class more reliable.

The changes start off by removing the Manifestations that summon from the Runification spell. The effects of the Manifestations are instead moved to the spell Spreading. When Spreading is cast on a glyph (whether there is an enemy on the glyph or not) it will create an effect in a 2 cell aoe similar to the removed Manifestations.

The new Spreading...
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((This is no longer an RP, just a full-blown story. Feel free to comment in this post. I'll try to give the story regular weekly updates, though everyone knows that never ends up actually happening. Enjoy!))

[blockquote]Prologue [/blockquote]
Long have there been tales of treasure buried deep beneath the Sidimote Moor. Tales of it's glory have been spread by the way of mouth since documented history itself had begun, but long since it'd been dismissed as a legend. Now it is but a simple tale, often...