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Wetrew Sacrier Lvl 165 Nox
Mewtrew Huppermage Lvl 121 Nox
Intrewder Sram Lvl 105 Nox
Eliotrewp Eliotrope Lvl 104 Nox
Wetrew Sacrier Lvl 48 Remington
Twinkerbell Eniripsa Lvl 45 Remington
Pokomiko Eliotrope Lvl 45 Remington
Wampanog Ouginak Lvl 8 Remington
Twinketrew Eniripsa Lvl 6 Nox
Trewth Huppermage Lvl 6 Remington

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By GhostyToasty13 - 2016-09-16 06:21:03 in Sufokia
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Ayyy, Sufokia is gonna have 2 events on Friday, September 16 at 5 pm PST/7 pm CST/8 pm EST. We’ll start off with a hide and seek/scavenger hunt riddle event, followed by trivia. Meet us in Sufokia outpost for a fun time and prizes, including kamas, costumes, pets, and possibly even ownership of a haven world-owning guild!
By GhostyToasty13 - 2016-06-01 07:46:29 in Sufokia
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Hello Everyone! Governor Wetrew here This’ll be my post about my mandate as governor. In this post I will talk about upcoming events and address some ongoing issues in Sufokia. I’m hesitant making this post, for I wish to avoid any kind of drama here on the forums. The only reason that I am choosing to make this post is because the people of Sufokia have requested it. I will not be partaking in any kind of drama that occurs on the forums regarding my mandate unless I feel I can do it in a...
By GhostyToasty13 - 2015-12-14 07:31:21 in Trade
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