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Morphetmath Huppermage Lvl 128 Phaeris
The Morphetmath Huppermage Lvl 110 Remington
Morphet Xelor Lvl 66 Phaeris
Morph'S Child Cra Lvl 51 Phaeris
Goliathmath Iop Lvl 50 Phaeris
Morphetmath'S Wolfy Ouginak Lvl 47 Phaeris
Le'Morphetmath Xelor Lvl 19 Remington

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This is new fresh start [Malaysia] guild create in 2019 Jan
1st guild was in Phearis server, guild named [Suivre L'ame] Rank 7
This guild is only recruiting Malaysian.
Guild goal:Become the biggest Malaysian guild.We accept any kind of player , new player either solo player...just come in and take the guild little advantage.
so let us meet together in the world of twelve 
*Usual online Time : 7:00pm - 1:00am
*You can find us in Discord group - Discord will be our main...
By GeogreTim - 2018-12-30 05:46:17 in Suggestions
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i play this game about 3 years or more , i do really love your games...I stop playing it for 4 month in  2016...
Thank you so much!! you guys done a lot amazing update from the past etc : remove the dungeon keys . But in 2016 start to made a lot stupid changes , made the game became really inconvenience etc : removed the dragonturkey express for any reason i don't not convenience when player want to reach the guild bank or other place...and also the instant item drop delete system, i'm...