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Member since 2012-01-10


Just another guy.

Main character: Bibbleforp
Server: Nox
Started actively playing in the middle of September 2017 (right after the Inglorious Riktus update).

Former Wakfu-optimist.
Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-09-30


Selene Decacao Huppermage Lvl 22 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By Gelgy - 2018-04-16 04:43:18 in Enutrof
14 4417
In lieu of making a guide, since I've not been nearly active enough to be an authority on optimal Enu play, I thought maybe we could get together and share information about what works and doesn't work with the new Enutrof!

OK so first some basics:

What's differentEnutrof no longer stacks Treasures over the course of the fight. We no longer gain damage from prospecting, although we still have several bonuses to prospecting. Mines are now a more strategic & time sensitive resource. We can't...
By Gelgy - 2018-02-07 01:52:19 in Suggestions
8 1214
I know a few people who found that the nerfs to Cra were late enough that they hurt the class after it stopped being dominant in PVE. I recognize the reasons for the nerfs, but I'd still like to see something done to bring some of the fun back to the class, without making it dominant again.

Change passive: Pyrolysis Fusion
[Lvl. 1] (at Level 50)20% beacon damage inflicted (Burning, Seismic) 1 area mastery per 2 levels of Reach 1 single target mastery per 2 levels of Flamboyant Storm Arrow on a...