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Member since 2012-01-07


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2015-10-24


Shade Iop Lvl 123 Nox
Rusyu Rogue Lvl 74 Nox
Madame Money Enutrof Lvl 23 Nox
Sillow Ette Masqueraider Lvl 15 Nox

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taking orders for large ammounts of miner(lv 90 and below), trapper (lv 100) and lumberjack (lv 100) resources. willing to gather material for crafting or marm. cuttings for haven world resources.
prices dependant on time given to fill orders, the material itself, (in the case of miner) availablility of ore, and (in the case of trapper) wether or not a mob must be dead to gather the desired harvest/ difficulty of dealing with said mob.

reply here or pm Shade in game to discuss further.

also willing...
By Geist1 - 2013-06-27 17:15:34 in General Discussions
2 839
anyone else unable to take the free respec due to previous acceptance of the monthly restate quest (the one that requires you to gather all the items)? If so, does anyone have a solution to that? All jonks/owls tell me is something about not being worthy which I assume is because I've not gathered the items for the quest and won't give me the option to take the free respect.

any help would be appreciated as I am just now coming off of a long break from the game and, after seeing what they've done...
By Geist1 - 2013-03-16 18:23:44 in Trade
3 607
need to purchase 13 tsar horns over the next few days. willing to pay 150 kama each.

either post an ign i can use to get in touch or pm me here on the forums, if interested.