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So, we, or someone else in our group has failed an easy challenge now and then during fights. Well, what would people think about Second Chance Cards, so you use to try the challenge again successfully.
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So I've seen a lot of new players recently, from players who have returned to the game after many years, to fresh new players. I wanted to created a community P2P&F2P guide on tips and tricks of how to get started in the game, on how to make Kamas, crafting tips, Class recommendations, levelling tips etc.

All input is welcome here. The goal is to encourage everyone to get involved as a community to help others.
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So, "leeching" has been a big thing in this game in particular. There have been many "Leeching" services available to players to reach the maximum level in the fastest time possible while skipping all the earlier content.
I can see the benefits of reaching max level if you enjoy end game content from the get go, but here is one of the major drawbacks of this. Not understanding your class and how to play it means that you will struggle with that end game content. However, if you're a veteran to the...