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First of all in my opinion the masq right now does make fun to play. It is the reason why I change from playing xelor main to this class. 

It is well belanced between his offense and defense. While it does sound nice, in reality it doesn't. Due to the fact that the class is balanced, it is not outstanding in any area. It can deal decent damage, but there are lots of other classes, which are more superior. It can cast helpful shields to sustain himself but more useful to support other, but nowadays...
By psclolllek - 2019-04-06 13:15:01 in Masqueraider
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I started to play Dofus again after long years of break. At the moment my level 150 Masq is my main. I do primarily Kolo fights but I also try to get achievementpoints cause the challenges and quests are fun. Therefore I need to clear lots of PVE contents such as dungeons. The most of the time I'm running them solo. (Asturb Knight companion is supporting me for some distraction). Masqueraider is a very fun class to play. It can deal a decent amount of damage and have lots of sustain. Additionally...