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Im a lvl 54 Int Osa ( finnaly PoC ;D)

Ive calculated all my points till lvl 100:

- I have Ghostly Claw on lvl 5
-Gobbal on lvl 5
-HES on lvl 4
-Pres on lvl 3 (i will maybe unlearn it bcs of bigger ap loss)
-Animal Healing lvl 5
-PoC lvl 5

Ive got now 4 spell points, till lvl 60 i will have 10 so i can lvl Natrual Defense, but on lvl 70 i can choose: Bear Cry or Fangs of Boowolf... hmmm

Pls Help me!

~>>Khasis<<~ (My osa)
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Hy everybody! I'm a medium-noob (=P) (I play for about a year) and i have one question.

Which class should i take on the new server??? I was thinking about taking either Cra (intelligence) or Enutrof (chance) or something else....

PLS somebody help me!!!! I would be really thankfull(because im a GREAT Dofus fan.)