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This game is the best, I rather play krosmaga than hearthstone, Ankama did a great job with this game.

It is sad that they think that everything will be like Dofus a market niche, unfortunately krosmaga has many rivals online.  
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Yesterday many players were back to the game, I could find fights without wait long. 
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Ankama is deluded by the success of Dofus they think that it is just a matter of throwing a game online and they will get the players automatically they forget that Dofus was a niche, there were no tatic rpg online to compete with Dofus, those were the good times of online gaming 2003-2010.  

Ankama keep making Games that look alike scattering the players in many games, Wakfu, Dofus 2, Dofus 1.29, Dofus Touch, Krosmaster, Krosmaga it makes no sense at all, some time ago they abandoned Dofus to...