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By Galaboy - 2010-08-07 01:12:00 in Problems and solutions
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Game loads to 66% then crashes. Log book looks like this......................

Module Ankama_Connection : Cannot load file://C:/Program%20Files/Dofus%202/app/ui/Ankama_Config/
gameData initialized

everything is grey except for this, it was orange. (not red, orange) (like the fruit orange, not red orange)

Help please. And i looked in that file location, and the file was i don't understand.
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Today I log on in the morning, and I level up just fine (I only play the oto mustam heroic server). I get around 30 levels in 3 hours at astrub crackrocks, then my game starts to disconnect. It started out every 10 mins or so, but now, I log in, and within 2-5 minutes, it kicks me out of the game. Then i log back in, then i get kicked back out.

I reinstalled dofus, didnt help. I reset my internet and router, didn't help. I reset my computer, didn't help. I have 2 computers, and both are...