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Ga-Hero Feca Lvl 163 Rubilax
Feyria Masqueraider Lvl 84 Rubilax
Wesucks Huppermage Lvl 24 Rubilax
Charming Luigi Ecaflip Lvl 14 Rubilax
Frappetto Rogue Lvl 10 Rubilax

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By Gabry122 - 2016-08-26 22:17:38 in Feca
4 1813
hi everyone, i reached lvl 150 and i'm looking for a good one-handed weapon of my level and of course it must be good for fecas,That's because i wanna get Asse shield that would be really in handy!
By Gabry122 - 2016-08-20 01:21:11 in General Discussions
3 1065
By Gabry122 - 2016-07-11 17:23:28 in General Discussions
10 1928
So for now we know there are 3 dimensions (or 4 but i don't count ecaflipus) and they are: srambad,enurado and xelorium past and present.
How cool would be if ankama would add all classes dimensions (example: feca; shielder or masquraider; maskul ecc...) or maybe even the elatrop dimension,where you start a questline by talking to yugo and a high level dj with quilby as a boss.i mean there could be so much more content with the dimensions...