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Stoic Feca Lvl 105 Efrim
Astoupho Enutrof Lvl 68 Efrim
Gha-Sparr Sram Lvl 60 Remington
Na-Vih Osamodas Lvl 47 Efrim
Véio Zunga Enutrof Lvl 33 Remington
Elortnoc Eliotrope Lvl 31 Remington
Iskandhar Sacrier Lvl 9 Efrim
Warw Ouginak Lvl 1 Efrim

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By StellaMain - 2017-09-06 18:05:35 in Ecaflip
22 2119
TheRogueCat|2017-09-08 13:32:03If it doesn't block the line of sight and is just 1 tile, it can be crossed. It works with holes on the ground, transparent targets and low obstacles like sandbags. It's a teleporting rather than a moving-on-ground displacement like the Astrub Knight's charge.
I want to cross enemies and any obstacle, many classes had  some "teleport" in the kit. Scratch need this buff.

Jump across stuff is a cat thing.
By StellaMain - 2017-09-06 18:05:35 in Ecaflip
22 2119
 scratch must cross obstacles and enemies, , like going to someone's back or crossing a wall of one block. For God's sake, this is a cat and that's what cats do, they run circles around enemies.

Make me feel like I'm a cat Ankama.
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BloodAspectTell me what you think ^^ 
Let me explain it to you the easy way.

The game is dying!

It's merge or servers shutdown in the next 5 years or least.