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I've been going through the json files and I'm on my way to update the fandom wiki! Thing is, I can't seem to find the image files for resources: "iconGfxId"

Could you help me find them?
By FyeFlowrith - 2020-05-21 15:11:28 in Crafting
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Hi! Hope you're doing ok!

I wanted to ask you guys if you knew by any chance where to find "pearls".
I've been wanting to craft a "Lid ihl" (armorer prof.) and one of the ingredients is "Sham pearls" wich are made with pearls and water.
I've been searching online but couldn't find anything new. All I could find was the "Precious Jewelmine", but I can't seem to find it on my map haha

Thanks in advance!
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Hi! How are you guys doing?

I was wondering if anyone knew where to plant melon seeds. I've tried doing it in Amakna but couldn't o:

Thanks in advance!