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Hello everyone.

I'm a long time player, been on and off Dofus for many years now. Despite that, i've always just enjoyed gathering professions. and doing the odd low-level to medium dungeon.

I'm trying to progress my two characters into endgame (Xelor and Pandawa, which i'm having a really hard time doing.

I've run into many problems on my way there. Im slowly beginning to do questlines, most recently trying to work my way towards the Watchers Dofus, but im stuck at the part where i need to find...
By Fuzzjockey - 2017-11-25 04:17:25 in General Discussion
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Hi everyone, I recently returned to the game after a long break.
Im around level 190+
When i played it last, i werent very involved, except making kamas, and working on my various professions (mostly Gathering).

I've since then developed a wish to get more immersed in Dofus, but currently im quite lost on where to start. Its just so overwhelming.

My goals:
1) Have fun.
2) Start questing, to be able to aquire some fancy titles, frames. Dofuses and other jazz.
3) Experience dungeons at med level...
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Hey dudes and dudettes.

I have been searching for a good while now, everywhere i know of, to find out the answer to my question. To no avail.
It didnt be under the Server Transfer FaQ or anything else for that matter. Or if it is, it elude me in wording as english isnt my primary language.

My question is; If i transfer a character from one server to the other, will the stuff it has already on the Resource market and other markets end up in my bank immdiately, or will that be gone ?
As in, do i...