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By Funky-Guy - 2019-04-09 23:52:26 in General Discussion
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Im not sure if this is a good thread to ask things of this kind, but, hey - general discussion
So Im trying to get mini wa. I meet all conditions which is achievement Wab Wab and cawwoty kid. Having all required resources on me. Im still not seeing npc. Am i missing anything? Does it have any cooldown on respawning?

thanks in advance
By Funky-Guy - 2017-10-16 01:09:33 in Suggestion Box
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How about a server with seasons?
1) Season lasts 30 days.
2) There would be challenges and modifiers each season which would guarantee unique experience every month (like "no idols"  etc).
3) There would be many categories:
Lets say:
Highest lvl within the end of the season
First 200 lvl Miner
4) With the end of the season - winner recieves a prize which is a gift that could be placed on another char within same accont.

5) When server ends - all characters are removed but information of...
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im getting dced from kolossium every single turn. Game is simply unplayable in pvp mode. Any of the mods care to answer beside "we are working on it"?