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As the title suggest I was wondering if any is willing to share their build and experience with the new osa skill set.

I've been going with a pure cha build so far but i'm wondering if this is really the way to go.

First hit 200 chance and now going with 1 point in chance and 2 points in vit every lvl.

Lashing 5
Feline Movement 5
Summoning of Goball 5
Bestial heal 5
Tumult 5
Martyr 5
Determination 5
Symbiosa 5
with 20 spells points remaining at lvl 101

Right now the core...
By Fuga - 2019-08-14 20:52:38 in Bug Reports
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So I gained a quest item called [Snoowolf Tail] from doing the incarnam dungeon while following the incarnam questline. According to the questlore you should be able to exchange the tail for something nice with telma faker in Incarnam. Telma can be talked to and traded, and since talking with the item in my possession doesn't trigger any new dialogue I figured trading might be the key. The problem I'm now facing is that since it's a quest item you're not allowed to trade it... Which makes me wonder...