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Me and my friends would like to get a house, but we've seen houses that are owned by multiple people. Is that available for every house or does it need to have more rooms / different size (like medium or large) or is it only for guilds?
By Fruzard - 2019-10-24 17:57:28 in Echo
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Hey guys, I still have a pet from back in the day that doesn't seem to exist anymore.
It's a Pink Dragoone with 55 wisdom. (I don't have it's modern stats leveled)

I doubt there are many like these out there anymore, but I have no use for it so, it's up for grabs.
Again, rare item, so consider that in terms of it's price.

Leave a comment here or contact Fruzard in-game with an offer if you're interested!

Current offer: 10 000 000 Kamas

I will be online most of the day, feel free to contact me...
By Fruzard - 2017-01-01 11:28:35 in General Discussion
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I haven't played for a long time, but is it true that if you have a base of 100+ points (invested from leveling), you can still freely scroll to 100? Or do you have to reset before you can scroll? Also, can you still scroll to 101 and how does it work?