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Akitani Osamodas Lvl 128 Rubilax
Fruzard Feca Lvl 21 Rubilax
Avalar Enutrof Lvl 21 Rubilax

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By Fruzard - 2016-12-27 16:06:26 in General Discussions
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Hello everyone!
I've been away from Ankama games for a good 2 years now and I miss it very much.

I've played both games and both are quite enjoyable.
The hard part is choosing only 1 to return to.

Dofus always felt quite odd gear wise, since 2 different cloaks for example never have the same stats due to smithmagi, and it felt quite punishing to get good gear. On the other side, dofus' combat is a bit more straight forward.

Wakfu has the good part that gear is exactly the same, and once you get...
By Fruzard - 2016-12-26 19:05:21 in Osamodas
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as an osamodas, i can't ever get my summons to appear, while at my normal level it's no issue.

some of my spells won't cast either

i got no idea what's wrong or if im doing anything wrong, could anyoneh elp me with this?
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nvm i was overthinking this...