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hey guys, im back from a break, and looking to start a new main. i mainly do pvm / kolo , very seldom 1v1 with friends (that are coming back) but here are my top picks :

xelor - i like the time mage theme. i never used them since revamp, so i dont know any combos or their particular role is atm..
fogger - i played a fogger before, and loved them! i played an omni type fogger, but soon chaned for unknown reasons..
rogue - never played a rouge.. seen some excellent rouge players, and i love the pirate...
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hey i was wondering if new oas could go hybrid and still be useful? it seems how they are built you should go mono element.. but im unsure, and dont have access to the beta server.. so coud any beta player let me know? i may revive my old osa because of it osa was my first character even in dofus.. and my first level 100.. and with these changes i love how they are shaping out!
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Hey guys, so an old friend of mine had recently decided to give dofus a try again, but he lost his password and can not recover his old account ( sad day for us all.. we've all been there I believe) but since he made a new account and is ready to start his dofus adventures a new, he cannot create a new topic do I have taken the liberty to provide him with one .

- topic is he has no idea what class to play, and I cannot give a good suggestion for I have no idea either.. he wants a defense based...