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Auqwa Masqueraider Lvl 169 Nox
Mysty Eliotrope Lvl 168 Nox
Pebblez Ouginak Lvl 167 Nox
Wytch Sadida Lvl 155 Nox
Wyndy Eniripsa Lvl 143 Nox

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Tryin to appoint Head Guard for the nation of Bonta but it says they dont meet the requirements and they did the Guard Title quest and everything.

Anybody have advice?
By Froq - 2014-02-04 18:56:46 in Osamodas
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Earth osas lose all utility when they go dragon
Earth osas have no support spells/passives other than animal link and animal guard/ gob gob/ critical synergy if they dont go dragon

Gob gobs are weaker than summons at every level comparison
Gob gob doesnt get to use prespic hair
Gob gob base damage is horrible

As a support character they're outclassed by every other support, even skale and lumino =.=
As a damage character they're outclassed by every other damage character....

A few changes they...
By Froq - 2013-12-28 19:17:19 in General Discussions
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I cant connect when I try to load the game it gets a popup that says "Sort the ancient gods ( By number of arms ) and freezes the load ...

There is no information in server status and I see nobody else complaining about the same thing, do I have to redownload the client or osmething? ....WTF IS GOING ON!!!

[email protected] NoX is the server im talking about