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By Freefish - 2017-11-19 19:04:09 in Huppermage
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Hey guys,

I plan to go for a Hupper after my comeback and I have one/two question(s)?

Is mono elemental Hupper viable (and which element?) in PvP - mostly 1 on 1 colo? Later on, I will surely play more than one element but not in the beginning if possible.

Best regards
By Freefish - 2017-10-23 12:31:24 in Eniripsa
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By Freefish - 2016-06-21 15:44:32 in Huppermage
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Hi guys,

I´m planning to go for a Hupper on a new server.
As I don´t have any lvl grp there my question is if Huppermages are viable in soloing pvm.
Later on I´ll focus on colo.

Can you recommend any build for soloing until around 160?

On the other hand, maybe my bro will join me lveling on the new server. What about possible duo teams including a huppermage?
He likes Masq and Sram - is it decent? Or better go for another comb?

Thanks in advance

Best regards