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After the infinite exp change, where are people going to be able to get the upgraded versions of the Vampyro/Wagner card?

I don't think he appears in normal packs at the moment. Are those craft-only?
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On a whim, I decided to go back and try for the 10 perfect round 3 dungeon platform, and I gave it a shot with Enutrof.

On winning, the floating, chibi rushu head only gave out a blank text bubble, where I would assume a personalized quote for each god should be.

I would bet that Feca has the same issue. 

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I've been wondering this for a while.

So in general I try to avoid picking minions in a draft that have family synergies unless they are good without them or if I already have a large number of the members of said relevant family from earlier in the draft, but I feel like I see biases toward members of specific families during particular drafts.

Sometimes you see an unusual number of tofus.
Sometimes you see an unusual number of drhellers.

I also run into other draft players with functioning...