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By [Ankama]DOFUS - 2019-02-20 17:58:41 in Sacrier
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In regards of Erosion I agree. Maybe one should also mention, that you don't reduce the received erosion with your damage reduction from the suffering, but your damage buff increases it on the self-harm spells.

But In regards of balance and the chargable spells I am very sceptical.
Str seems to be way more weak than other elements

First issue is Gash.
I think carnage being able to stack two charges is not intended, but even so, in comparison Gash is really bad.
Damage per ap cost if stacked for...
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I really do appreciate this focus on bug fixes. I was awaiting that eagerly, especially the part about monstergroups distribution over the map. Thank you! 
But still I have to the give some critic regarding the performance improvements.
Who on earth cares about Character loading or marketplaces? 

We want the game to be stable IN FIGHT! 

Try hovering the spell sacrifice over a map filled with characters and summons for example.
Or I don't know if anyone from the Ankama team recently tried to...
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Greesee|2017-11-29 13:41:28LIFESTEAL
I agree with you on this point. I was Strength/Chance build just because of lifesteal (and srambad daggers)
Greesee|2017-11-29 13:41:28

The damage bonus from suffering is inferior to our current damage boosts. And by the way, final damage is inferior to a Power bonus because it only benefits the spells you are already effective with. It does not help you utilize your off element spells in a meaningful way, like Power does.
But the lower bonus...