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By Forlarrenn - 2008-04-19 01:44:05 in Subscription and payment
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It would be nice if I could buy a friend a subscription. Any way to add this option? How about gift accounts added to the store. I have a pretty good income and monthly subscription rates are so low I would like to gift a couple of months to my less employed friends any way to make this easier/more secure? Anyone else pay for others accounts? How do you do it?
By Forlarrenn - 2008-04-13 04:29:52 in Suggestion Box
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This is a simple request that I believe would be of great use.

I would like a small notepad maybe 1000 characters. That other players can read, though the menu that pops when a character is clicked on. This can be used to put info like services that player provides (my farmer always has extra wheat I could sell, and I do not like to spam the /b channel when I am online), or guild recruitment instructions (contact player (X) for guild info), or just a RP description for our characters. Anyone else...