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Of course consider that nostalgia partially influences my thoughts.
But this game is pretty much one sided.
75% of the game content is basically ignored by everyone, because everyone is rushing to lvl 200.
And it's the company's fault.
Let's say you are a new player. You arrive at incarnam, which is basically a tutorial territory for new players. Once it was a flourishing paradise with high activity.
Now it's a deserted place that no one cares for.
Then you go to Astrub which once was the bonta/brakmar...
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I really want to play on the mono servers.
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Hello fellers!
So ive been away for 2 years now (before that i was away fkr another 2 years). I just cant acclimate to this new dofus for a long time after 1.29.
But this one account server is rather interesting to me, and I would like to try it.
What changed in the game since my leave? Hows the playerbase, the toxicity? Can I transfer my characters to the single account server?