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Poder Do Ruivo Iop Lvl 157 Remington
Russian Roulete Ecaflip Lvl 111 Remington
Wind Master Sacrier Lvl 109 Remington
Viaje Royale Osamodas Lvl 38 Remington
Meppa Foggernaut Lvl 26 Efrim
Luna Edge Cra Lvl 18 Efrim
Ludetra Enutrof Lvl 6 Efrim

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Hi, I have been thinking about playing Wakfu again, I stopped in 2017 and started playing in Closed Beta on 2012/2013 if my memory is right ...

I would like to know how Remmington (international) server is doing and if there is any way to know how many players are online right now? Is there any command for this? Does ankama publish the list of players on?

It could be something to implement, what do you think?

I wouldnt want to waste my precious time playing a game that has no players, so I was...
9 2655
Heya guys, i wanna know your thoughts about earth branch now on our class te sacrier's  !!!

For real i'm really upset what ankama did with Earth branch it no longer generates a good amount of armor nas the dmg of the branch IS  REALY  SHIT ...
I was a full Earth before update and o could generate a LOT of armor with Smash, now we still are allowed to use it only 1 time per turn, but ...... it only generates 400 armor fixed  !!!  ( the 0.05 armor generation per  miss hp os kind shit too, you...
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So im doing the Ogrest quest line and in a part of the quests i have to enter in a " dungeon" to get a wooly from a diferent type of gobbal.

But i cannot enter in the dungeon the button to enter is not active ...

Someone know why ?

Link to SS : Click here